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Record Count: 90
Cached: No
Lazy: No
select errorCode,errorDesc from xml_errorList
order by errorCode
100001No XML data received.
200002Badly formed XML data received.
300003WYSE element missing.
400004EnvelopeVersion element missing.
500005Header element missing.
600006Body element missing.
700007MessageDetails element missing.
800008SenderDetails element missing.
900009Class element missing.
1000010Qualifier element missing.
1100011TransactionID element missing.
1200012SenderCompany element missing.
1300013SenderID element missing.
1400014Method element missing.
1500015Authentication element missing.
1600016Authentication failed.
1700017companySearch element missing.
1800018companyName element missing.
1900019companyReport element missing.
2000020companyID element missing.
2100021reportType element missing.
2200022countryCode element missing.
2300023No search terms included in request
2400024productAvailability element missing.
2500025productSelection element missing.
2600026reportRequestCode element missing.
2700027directorSearch element missing.
2800028dirSurname and continuationKey elements missing.
2900029dirOfficerType element missing.
3000030dirIncludeResignedInd element missing
3100031directorReport element missing.
3200032personID element missing.
3300033usageStatement element missing.
3400034numberMonths element missing.
3500035periodStartTime element missing.
3600036periodEndTime element missing.
3700037geographicAreaCode element missing.
3800038purchaseReasonCode element missing.
3900039monitorStatus element missing.
4000040monitorProcess element missing.
4100041Insufficient points or quota available
4200042cocredoId element missing.
4300043Account suspended
4400044Invalid transaction ID
45D00001Invalid Class data
46D00002Invalid Qualifier data
47D00003Invalid TransactionID data
48D00004Invalid ServiceTest data
49D00005Invalid SenderCompany data
50D00006Invalid SenderID data
51D00007Invalid Method data
52D00008Invalid Authentication data
53D00009Invalid EmailAddress data
54D00010Unknown Class
55D00011Invalid companyName data
56D00012Invalid companyRegNum data
57D00013Invalid registeredOfficePostcode data
58D00014Invalid companyID data
59D00015Invalid reportType data
60D00016Invalid countryCode data
61D00017Invalid companyPhone data
62D00018Invalid companyName data
63D00019Invalid reportRequestCode data
64D00020Invalid continuationKey data
65D00021Invalid dirSurname data
66D00022Invalid dirForename1 data
67D00023Invalid dirForename2 data
68D00024Invalid dirPostTown data
69D00025Invalid dirOfficerType data
70D00026Invalid dirIncludeResignedInd data
71D00027Invalid personID data
72D00028Invalid numberMonths data
73D00029Invalid periodStartTime data
74D00030Invalid periodEndTime data
75D00031Invalid companyDuns data
76D00032Invalid geographicAreaCode data
77D00033Invalid purchaseReasonCode data
78D00034Invalid monitorProcess data.
79D00035Invalid time period given
80D00036Invalid cocredoId data.
81P00001CompanyID not resolving to a GB or IE business
82P00002CompanyID not cached, unable to complete request
83P00003Report request code not recognised
84P00004Unable to retrieve document
85P00005Unable to retrieve director details
86P00006Please upgrade to latest version.
87P00007periodStartTime must be earlier than periodEndTime
88P00008Data collection failure. Please try again later.
89P00009Temporary internal error. Please try again later.
90P00010Report data is not available.